rrtype to query SRV records

Sascha Ziemann ceving at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 16:17:48 UTC 2019

This is the documentation of ub_resolve:

 * Perform resolution and validation of the target name.
 * @param ctx: context.
 *      The context is finalized, and can no longer accept config changes.
 * @param name: domain name in text format (a zero terminated text string).
 * @param rrtype: type of RR in host order, 1 is A (address).
 * @param rrclass: class of RR in host order, 1 is IN (for internet).
 * @param result: the result data is returned in a newly allocated result
 *      structure. May be NULL on return, return value is set to an error
 *      in that case (out of memory).
 * @return 0 if OK, else error.
int ub_resolve(struct ub_ctx* ctx, const char* name, int rrtype,
        int rrclass, struct ub_result** result);

It explains, that rrtype should be 1 to query A records. But what
should be used to query SRV records?

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