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> Will unbound _only_ serve hits from redis cache for keys with expired
> TTL if the configuration option "serve-expired: yes" is set?
> I've just tested redis cache very briefly, and it looks like keys with
> an expired TTL didn't get updated then I asked for the same name again.
> (If recursion happened, why not update the TTL in cachedb too?)

I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, but IIRC the
intended behavior for the mixture of cachedb (regardless of the type
of the backend, redis or not) and serve-expired is as follows:

- when unbound finds an expired answer for a received query in
  in-memory cache, it will still return it to the client if
  sever-expired is yes.  it will also initiate a "prefetch" of the
  answer to possibly update the expired answer.
- in a prefetch, any cache including cachedb is ignored and it should
  always cause recursive DNS resolution
- If the recursive resolution succeeds, unbound updates its in-memory
  cache and cachedb backend with the updated answer

I've not played with this feature for some time, so something may have
changed since then.  But I believe it worked as described above last
time I tested the feature.  A quick read of the latest code also
seems to suggest it's still working that way.

Does this explanation answer your question?  Or are you saying that
this is your expected behavior but unbound doesn't work this way for

JINMEI, Tatuya
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