Crash on DNS lookup with Unbound in OpenDKIM

David Bürgin dbuergin at
Mon Dec 30 06:41:35 UTC 2019

On 30/12/2019 00:23, Havard Eidnes wrote:
> What about the directory permissions where that file lives?
> Libunbound may want to save the updated trust anchors to a new
> temporary file in the same directory, and would then need write
> access to the directory.  The strategy being to rename the
> temporary back to the original name afterwards, to get "atomic
> file system update"-ish semantics.

You’re right of course, right after posting my message I noticed that
the autotrust file and directory is owned by user unbound while opendkim
tries to access it as user opendkim.

So all is well in the end. Frustrating though that I had to set up a
full dev environment on the server with debugger and all, just to find
out about a configuration error. A library just silently shutting down
my program is not ok in my opinion.

Could I have found out about my mistake somehow differently?

Thank you,

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