Unbound won't listen on TLS port

Martin Weinelt martin at darmstadt.freifunk.net
Thu Aug 22 14:55:36 UTC 2019

Hi Wouter, hi Bernhard,

see my comments inline and below.

On 8/22/19 4:01 PM, Bernhard Schmidt via Unbound-users wrote:
> Am 22.08.19 um 09:07 schrieb Wouter Wijngaards via Unbound-users:
> Hi Wouter,
>> It is the "interface-automatic: yes" statement.  It overrides the other
>> interface statements and listens on port 53.  If you remove that I think
>> you have a better shot at making it work.

Yes, that makes it work. Thanks alot.

> I've had the same issue and got luck with interface-automatic. But I
> would not have guessed from the manpage that listening-on-something and
> interface-automatic is related in any way.
>>        interface-automatic: <yes or no>
>>               Detect source interface on UDP queries and copy them to replies.
>>               This  feature  is experimental, and needs support in your OS for
>>               particular socket options.  Default value is no

Same here, I'd appreciate an addendum to the man page entry that clarifies the

I think I enabled interface-automatic ~2 years back when I saw Unbound reply with
the wrong source address to queries, thereby breaking client lookups.

If that happens again, you'll hear back from me. Thanks so far!

> Bernhard



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