Create a local domain on my home network

User free.sites at
Thu Aug 15 17:00:59 UTC 2019


A newcomer's question: I run unbound and Pi-hole on my Raspberry Pi. Works like a charm. Now I 'simply' like to create a private local domain "myservice.home" that resolves to on my home network where myservice is running. Both unbound and myservice run on the same machine (i.e. Raspberry Pi).

I tried the following lines in unbound.conf but to no avail (in addition to all the other config lines):

access-control: allow
private-domain: "home"
local-zone: "myservice.home" redirect
local-data: "myservice.home A"

dig myservice.home returns SERVFAIL and in Pi-hole's query log it says 'bogus'.

What's wrong, what do I have to do?

P.S.: And how can I persuade Outlook to use "In-Reply-To" in the email header? At the moment I cannot post replies to nested replies what is annoying.

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