Get Mac address in python scripts

dy1977 at dy1977 at
Mon Aug 12 17:54:10 UTC 2019


I highly appreciated the flexibility given by python scripts in Unbound. 
Since I want to take decisions based on user, I used the code given in 
the examples to get the IP address of the sender. No problem. But what I 
would really need is the MAC address. I have not found anything about 
that in Google or by exploring the code of Unbound.

Is there any possibility to get the MAC address in the python scripts ? 
Or will I have to patch the code of Unbound ? In this last case, if 
anyone knows where in the code I should investigate, or even better 
propose the code, I would highly appreciate.

The purpose is the development of an open source device, Idéfix (see, but most of the text is in French !).

Thanks a lot in advance.

Michel (Python 3 developper).

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