Local-data or stub-zone for fake domains

Юрий Иванов format_hub at outlook.com
Mon Aug 5 07:17:16 UTC 2019

May I ask for advice.

My original DNS host internal zone .mycorp, for local company services.
Now I want to use unbound.

I've created stub-zone:
  name: "mycorp."

When asking dig @ supportdesk.mycorp unbound send me a log message:
Aug  5 09:58:37 DNSCache-1 unbound: [16829:2] info: validation failure <supportdesk.mycorp. A IN>: no NSEC3 records from for DS supportdesk.mycorp. while building chain of trust

To override this problem I create local data:
local-data: "supportdesk.mycorp. 10800 IN A"

What is correct path to resolv this issue: Create a bunch of local-data entries or try fix validation failure  somehow?
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