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stefan meyer stefan.meyer at lavalabs.de
Mon Apr 8 15:56:03 UTC 2019


there are two firewalls acting as resolver with a few host overrides and 
having access to the dhcp lease list. Firewall A is in the Domain 
override List at Firewall B and FW B in the list of FW A. The Domains of 
the FW are listed as search domains. When I do a nslookup to query a 
host only with the hostname, so that the search domain can be 
automaticly added, I get back the IP, and everythings fine. I can do 
that all day long, everything works. As soon as I look for the fqdn 
host.domain.intern, I got only one time back the IP, and after that, 
everything is broken.

Is this a security setting or a bug or, what am I doing wrong?
Stefan Meyer, M.Sc.

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