TLS certificate question about Unbound 1.9.2

rollingonchrome rollingonchrome at
Thu Apr 4 17:51:05 UTC 2019


That is a good idea. I will look into downgrading OpenSSL and rebuilding

In the meantime, I may run Unbound on a spare Windows box and see if I can
get it working with all the features.

Thank you,


*Yuri* yvoinov at

*Thu Apr 4 19:44:37 CEST 2019*

04.04.2019 23:35, rollingonchrome via Unbound-users пишет:


>* I now think the problem may be in the OpenSSL version on Raspbian,
*>* which only supports TLS 1.2.
*Assume that it is. However, as I know, support for TLS is a function of
the openssl library. Who prevents to build the version with the
necessary protocol (for example, openssl 1.0.2o) and re-build Unbound
with it?
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