TLS certificate question about Unbound 1.9.2

rollingonchrome rollingonchrome at
Wed Apr 3 17:52:33 UTC 2019


Thank you for the replies. I believe I have the tls-cert-bundle information
correctly indented now. But, I am still getting the same errors as before
about unknown keywords and strays.

It is indented like this:


      [a few lines omitted]

     #Added for DoT
     tls-cert-bundle: "/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt"

Here is a link to my actual conf file if anyone would be willing to take a

I've read that OpenSSL on Jessie doesn't support any TLS except 1.2, so I'm
wondering if that might be this issue. Not sure what version of TLS Unbound
1.9.1 uses (I downgraded).

Thank you for your help.


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