a word of caution about the new default of so-reuseport on FreeBSD

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Fri Sep 21 18:27:00 UTC 2018


this is a heads-up for people that are about to upgrade to Unbound 1.8.0
on FreeBSD.

When upgrading (and before restarting unbound) I explicitly set 
the new defaults in the conf file to make their value explicit.
( so-reuseport, harden-below-nxdomain, minimal-responses)

After I upgraded and restarted unbound all queries were handled by only a single thread
even though I have multiple threads enabled in the config, as a result of that the number of
queries in the queue skyrocketed.

I expected this to be related to so-reuseport and after setting that to 'no', 
things were back to normal (all threads handled queries again, queue size back to normal).

kind regards,


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