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Paul Wouters paul at
Fri Oct 19 18:44:34 UTC 2018

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> On Oct 19, 2018, at 6:06 PM, Anand Buddhdev via Unbound-users <unbound-users at> wrote:
> 1. For the daemon package, build it with static linking

That is not allowed with fedora (for good reason I think)

> 2. Build unbound with dynamic linking. For the first build, disable
> systemd and dnstap, and package the libraries as "unbound-libs". Next,
> build it again, with systemd and dnstap enabled, and create two
> packages: "unbound" and "unbound-libs-heavy", and make "unbound" depend
> on "unbound-libs-heavy".

That is indeed pretty hacky.

If the systemd software watchdog is separated from the socket activation stuff, we can include that. The socket activation makes no sense and caused unbound to crash.


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