EDNS Subnet cache size, memory usage and statistics

Thomas Du Boys thomas.du-boys at corp.ovh.com
Mon Oct 15 10:01:23 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I'm using the EDNS module, and there is some things I dont understand about memory usage, cache size and statistics.

The documentation says that « The maximum size of the ECS cache is controlled by 'msg-cache-size' ». But when I use « unbound-control stats_noreset », I dont see any memory information or cache size about a subnet cache.

Is there the ECS cache a part of the msg cache ? And should be the same size ? Or is it a totally different cache and it's just that there is no statistics about this cache ?

In fact, I've a high memory usage on my server, but I dont know if it's a misconfiguration or a memory leak.

I'm using these size of caches on a 16GB RAM server :

  rrset-cache-size: 2G
  msg-cache-size: 1G
  neg-cache-size: 250m
  key-cache-size: 250m

And after a lot of trafic, I see that all my cache are full, unbound says that memory usage is flat, but my system (Debian 9) says that the memory used by Unbound increase all the time unless I restart the process (when eating 14GB of memory…) .

Thanks for any help ! :)


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