Python module questions

Vivien Malerba vmalerba at
Sun Oct 14 15:38:43 UTC 2018

I'm using the unbound server in a not yet published open source project,
specifically the python module to enable filtering of queries (for example
depending on the client's IP address).

Currently I can't have my python called everytime a query is processed, is
there a way of configuring unbound so that the operate() function is called
even though the server already has the answer in its cache?

If not in Python, is there a mechanism to extend unbound in C?

Also, it's very difficult to find documentation about the python module,
the old documentation seems to have been removed, replaced by a page
stating "*4 April 2018* We are in the final stages of creating this part of
the documentation. Please check back in a few days. If there is anything
specific you are searching for, do not hestitate to contact us
<>>." Is
there any book or more current documentation available?

Thanks very much,
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