Enthusiastic logging when interface goes away

Mike the.lists at mgm51.com
Thu Oct 4 15:08:57 UTC 2018

On 10/4/2018 10:59 AM, Mark Deneen wrote:
> I'm guessing that your supervisor process, whether it be systemd, runit,
> etc, is repeatedly starting unbound.  Unbound prints this error message,
> exits, and then is launched again.

Unbound is running continuously.  I do not see the usual unbound
start-up messages in the logs, just that one log message repeated.

Maybe something within unbound is restarting an unbound process?  I
don't know, which is why I'm asking.  :)

I should have added this initially:

Unbound Version 1.6.8, running on OpenBSD 6.3 (amd64)

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