Fwd: inform_deny causes iOS to hang until timeout

HoyaZot hoyazot at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 02:25:19 UTC 2018

Although I never got a response to this, the answer was to use

FWIW, for those of you having problems since iOS 10 serving *.local
domains, it can be circumvented by using *.lcl in addition to your *.local,
so that at least iOS devices can access the network if necessary. There
might be some scenario where that’s undesirable, but I can’t think of one
off hand.

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Subject: inform_deny causes iOS to hang until timeout
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Is there a way to send an invalid (or IP addresses for my black
hole zone file, instead of my current method of using local zone
inform_deny? Any websites relying on sites in the black hole won’t load on
iOS devices which is causing a problem for us. Appreciate any help. Thanks
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