Response Policy Zone Support

Paul Vixie paul at
Wed May 23 18:58:00 UTC 2018

as before, we have code that implements rpz for unbound. however, it is 
not open-source licensed. any unbound recursive server that operates a 
passive dns sensor and thus sends its cache miss traffic to SIE, is 
automatically licensed to be linked against and run alongside "fastrpz" 
which is our name for the rpz implementation for unbound (and also bind9 
though that's rarely used.)



Matthew Stith via Unbound-users wrote:
> Hello,
> Unbound does not currently provide support for Response Policy Zone
> (RPZ) but it has been stated in the past on the list that support for it
> is on the roadmap of development. Is there any update on when RPZ will
> be implemented and if there is any alpha/beta version of Unbound with
> RPZ that needs some testing done?
> Regards,
> Matt

P Vixie

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