Response Policy Zone Support

A. Schulze sca at
Wed May 23 14:03:50 UTC 2018

Matthew Stith via Unbound-users:

> Unbound does not currently provide support for Response Policy Zone
> (RPZ) but it has been stated in the past on the list that support for it
> is on the roadmap of development. Is there any update on when RPZ will
> be implemented and if there is any alpha/beta version of Unbound with
> RPZ that needs some testing done?

unbound source come with contrib/fastrpz.patch
That's a patch that you may apply if you compile unbound yourself.

It you do that, than unbound is able to talk to a fastrpz daemon
provided as commercial product by

I currently build unbound with that patch enabled but don't use fastrpzd
on any resolver. So all I can say: it compiles and don't hurt.


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