Ability to detect when queries are being blocked at the network level

John Peacock jpeacock at messagesystems.com
Thu May 3 13:07:22 UTC 2018

We run a robust carrier-grade e-mail service in the cloud and have a
dedicated DNS infrastructure that has undergone extensive tuning to work in
AWS, see



We occasionally have issues where we are unable to perform MX lookups for
what appears to be a perfectly valid domain.  I tracked down one such
incident yesterday and in this case the authoritative name servers for the
domain were deliberately blocking queries (something i confirmed from the
NS box using dnstracer).  The MX query works fine with the Google
resolver or indeed the AWS VPC default resolver (which we cannot rely on,
see above).

I can't find a way to monitor for this condition (which manifests as
SERVFAIL ultimately).  I've read the docs about how Unbound handles probes
and backoff, but I don't see any metric exposed that would tell me the
domains where this is happening.  If I could have a way to get the list of
domains that display SERVFAIL, I could write an out-of-band script that
attempts to resolve them via alternate paths and adds them to a whitelist

Thanks in advance for any suggestions


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