Analysing lookup failures.

Krist van Besien krist.vanbesien at
Thu May 3 05:31:38 UTC 2018


I have been experimenting on and off with unbound on my fedora laptop.
I am also considering it for a caching DNS for my home network.

But before I do that I need to figure out something first.

On my laptop (which sits on all kind of public and private WIFI
networks all the time) I sometimes run in to situations where name
resolution is unreliable.

The symptoms are that lookups will sometimes turn up empty or
incomplete. And I have so far not figured out how you can tease
unbound in to telling me why my request turned up empty.

Any suggestions?

So, if a "dig <some domain>" turns up empty, how do I find out why it
turned out empty?


krist.vanbesien at
krist at
Bern, Switzerland

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