auth-zone and CNAME record...still not working?

jpdolz jpdolz at
Thu Mar 29 14:03:24 UTC 2018

Hello guys,

this week I've been playing with the new "auth-zone" feature of 1.7
version, trying to fix the "classical" handicap with the CNAME record.
Having a look to the documentation and to the mailing list I understood
that using the new feature we'd finally have an "authoritative" DNS server
and then we'd be able to use a functional CNAME record ( resolving the IP
behind the name )

But, fiasco, that never happened :-(

Here I put my configuration for the unbound.conf file and also the
definition of the zone used:

>>>> internalzone-file <<<< SOA (
                  1998092901  ; Serial number
                  60          ; Refresh     1 minute
                  1800        ; Retry       30 minutes
                  3600000     ; Expire      41.67 days
                  172800 )    ; Minimum TTL 2 days            NS            A        CNAME

>>>> unbound.conf <<<<
  name: ""
  stub-host: <>.

  name: ""
  zonefile: internalzone.file

Of course, I tried all the possible combinations with *for-upstream *and
*for-downstream *and nor didn't work.
Please, if anyone knows a way to do it just using unbound I'd be very
happy, if not, it would be super useful to have a clear answer about the no
feasibility to get the required scenario working.

Thanks in advance!!!!
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