filter non local and non AAAA

Ernesto Domínguez ernesto.dominguez at
Thu Mar 22 10:09:53 UTC 2018

we are running unbound on our office router.
For some devices I created static IPv6 leases, now I want to resolve these publicly.
By opening the port 53 for WAN and setting refuse_non_local via acces-control it seems to work as indended. The problem is that it also resolves the private v4 IPs which is fine for LAN but not for WAN requests.
Is there a way to to make sure only AAAA records are resolved for WAN requests? Or even better only AAAA records for the static leases?
Thank you.
access-control` und `deny_non_local` oder `refuse_non_local` das ist was wir haben wollen ?
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