Unbound 1.7.0rc1 pre-release

W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at nlnetlabs.nl
Tue Mar 6 10:02:41 UTC 2018


Unbound 1.7.0rc1 maintainers prerelease is available:
sha256 eb9e57e44f7bb6e68879c8672c9a9b15273cece250d1ed85964b9620e736521a
pgp https://www.unbound.net/downloads/unbound-1.7.0rc1.tar.gz.asc

This release adds authority zones, for a local copy of the root zone,
and also aggressive NSEC processing, for denial of nxdomain floods.

- auth-zone provides a way to configure RFC7706 from unbound.conf,
  eg. with auth-zone: name: "." for-downstream: no for-upstream: yes
  fallback-enabled: yes and masters or a zonefile with data.
- Aggressive use of NSEC implementation. Use cached NSEC records to
  generate NXDOMAIN, NODATA and positive wildcard answers.
- Accept tls-upstream in unbound.conf, the ssl-upstream keyword is
  also recognized and means the same.  Also for tls-port,
  tls-service-key, tls-service-pem, stub-tls-upstream and
- [dnscrypt] introduce dnscrypt-provider-cert-rotated option,
  from Manu Bretelle.
  This option allows handling multiple cert/key pairs while only
  distributing some of them.
  In order to reliably match a client magic with a given key without
  strong assumption as to how those were generated, we need both key and
  cert. Likewise, in order to know which ES version should be used.
  On the other hand, when rotating a cert, it can be desirable to only
  serve the new cert but still be able to handle clients that are still
  using the old certs's public key.
  The `dnscrypt-provider-cert-rotated` allow to instruct unbound to not
  publish the cert as part of the DNS's provider_name's TXT answer.
- Update B root ipv4 address.
- make ip-transparent option work on OpenBSD.
- Fix #2801: Install libunbound.pc.
- ltrace.conf file for libunbound in contrib.

Bug Fixes
- Fix #1749: With harden-referral-path: performance drops, due to
  circular dependency in NS and DS lookups.
- [dnscrypt] prevent dnscrypt-secret-key, dnscrypt-provider-cert
- Better documentation for cache-max-negative-ttl.
- Fixed libunbound manual typo.
- Fix #1949: [dnscrypt] make provider name mismatch more obvious.
- Fix #2031: Double included headers
- Document that errno is left informative on libunbound config read
- iana port update.
- Fix #1913: ub_ctx_config is under circumstances thread-safe.
- Fix #2362: TLS1.3/openssl-1.1.1 not working.
- Fix #2034 - Autoconf and -flto.
- Fix #2141 - for libsodium detect lack of entropy in chroot, print
  a message and exit.
- Fix #2492: Documentation libunbound.
- Fix #2882: Unbound behaviour changes (wrong) when domain-insecure is
  set for stub zone.  It no longer searches for DNSSEC information.
- Fix #3299 - forward CNAME daisy chain is not working
- Fix link failure on OmniOS.
- Check whether --with-libunbound-only is set when using --with-nettle
  or --with-nss.
- Fix qname-minimisation documentation (A QTYPE, not NS)
- Fix that DS queries with referral replies are answered straight
  away, without a repeat query picking the DS from cache.
  The correct reply should have been an answer, the reply is fixed
  by the scrubber to have the answer in the answer section.
- Fix that expiration date checks don't fail with clang -O2.
- Fix queries being leaked above stub when refetching glue.
- Copy query and correctly set flags on REFUSED answers when cache
  snooping is not allowed.
- make depend: code dependencies updated in Makefile.
- Fix #3397: Fix that cachedb could return a partial CNAME chain.
- Fix #3397: Fix that when the cache contains an unsigned DNAME in
  the middle of a cname chain, a result without the DNAME could
  be returned.
- Fix that unbound-checkconf -f flag works with auto-trust-anchor-file
  for startup scripts to get the full pathname(s) of anchor file(s).
- Print fatal errors about remote control setup before log init,
  so that it is printed to console.
- Use NSEC with longest ce to prove wildcard absence.
- Only use *.ce to prove wildcard absence, no longer names.
- Fix unfreed locks in log and arc4random at exit of unbound.
- Fix lock race condition in dns cache dname synthesis.
- Fix #3451: dnstap not building when you have a separate build dir.
  And removed protoc warning, set dnstap.proto syntax to proto2.
- Added tests with wildcard expanded NSEC records (CVE-2017-15105 test)
- Unit test for auth zone https url download.
- tls-cert-bundle option in unbound.conf enables TLS authentication.
- Fixes for clang static analyzer, the missing ; in
  edns-subnet/addrtree.c after the assert made clang analyzer
  produce a failure to analyze it.
- Fix #3505: Documentation for default local zones references
  wrong RFC.
- Fix #3494: local-zone noview can be used to break out of the view
  to the global local zone contents, for queries for that zone.
- Fix for more maintainable code in localzone.
- more robust cachedump rrset routine.
- Save wildcard RRset from answer with original owner for use in
  aggressive NSEC.
- Fixup contrib/fastrpz.patch so that it applies.
- Fix compile without threads, and remove unused variable.
- Fix compile with staticexe and python module.
- Fix nettle compile.
- Fix to check define of DSA for when openssl is without deprecated.
- iana port update.
- Fix #3582: Squelch address already in use log when reuseaddr option
  causes same port to be used twice for tcp connections.
- Reverted fix for #3512, this may not be the best way forward;
  although it could be changed at a later time, to stay similar to
  other implementations.
- Fix for windows compile.

Best regards, Wouter

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