Perfomance issue between 1.5.8-1ubuntu1.1 (xenial) and 1.6.7-1ubuntu2.1 (bionic)

Robert Edmonds edmonds at
Mon Jun 25 20:46:01 UTC 2018

Ralf Hildebrandt via Unbound-users wrote:
> Before the update (runnung unbound 1.5.8-1ubuntu1.1) we were seeing query
> times around 20ms: After the upgrade (1.6.7-1ubuntu2.1) those rose to
> 40ms.
> See these graphs:
> I then tinkered with different package versions -- tried upgrading to
> 1.7.3 (no change) and finally downgraded back to to 1.5.8-1ubuntu1.1 -
> and the query times dropped to pre-update levels.

One significant difference between those versions is that the
Debian/Ubuntu unbound package enabled query minimisation by default in
package version 1.5.9-1. You might try installing 1.6.7-1ubuntu2.1 and
commenting out the 'qname-minimisation: yes' line in

Robert Edmonds
edmonds at

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