1.7.3: capsforid fallback response confusion

Alex Zorin ub-users at id-rsa.pub
Tue Jul 31 06:22:53 UTC 2018


Came across the curious case of a domain that appears to cause Unbound to compare responses of different qtypes in process_response during caps-for-id fallback.

This can be reproduced with Unbound 1.7.3 with qname-minimization (strict), and use-caps-for-id. 

$ unbound-host git.shifudao.com -t caa -v -C /usr/local/etc/unbound/unbound.conf -d -4 

Adding some logging within this scope: https://github.com/NLnetLabs/unbound/blob/8aa53f027d125a586796caeee2829ec8a18dd020/iterator/iterator.c#L3547

                        log_dns_msg("response response->rep:", &iq->response->qinfo, iq->response->rep);
                        log_dns_msg("response caps_reply:", &iq->response->qinfo, iq->caps_reply);

shows to what appears to be Unbound comparing a CAA response (iq->response->rep) to an unrelated A response (iq->caps_reply) that appears to be involved due to qname-minimization.

Since the two responses differ in their answer/authority, caps-for-id fallback fails and this results in a SERVFAIL.

Output from working caps-for-id fallback: https://id-rsa.pub/good
Output from failing caps-for-id fallback: https://id-rsa.pub/bad

Any guidance?

Thank you


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