1.7.3 - local-zone being resolved in stub-zone

ѽ҉ᶬḳ℠ vtol at gmx.net
Fri Jul 20 21:13:32 UTC 2018

>> Hi,
>> having set a global local-zones and one stub-zone the resolving on the
>> machine hosting unbound is working fine (as expected). However, when a
>> remote client is trying to resolve the same local-zone the unbound log
>> is showing > use stub < and the local-zone name is prepended to the
>> stub-zone name.
>> The resolver on the remote client is utilizing systemd-resolved to
>> handle dns queries, if that matters.
>> I am having trouble to understand why the local machine with unbound is
>> doing it one (correct) way and the queries from the remote client
>> another. Notwithstanding how to remedy this?
> And stranger it gets. Whilst the queries from systemd-resolved client is
> not getting resolved the queries from another client with dnsmasq do get
> resolved.
> The unbound log in latter case is still showing > use stub < but the
> local-zone name is not prepended.

Having swapped systemd-resolved with MareDNS-Deadwood the issue is gone.
Seems some weird bug in systemd-resolved v237.

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