can't bind socket: Permission denied for IPv6 (port bellow 1024)

nusenu nusenu-lists at
Tue Jul 3 18:48:00 UTC 2018

W.C.A. Wijngaards via Unbound-users:
> Yes that is the problem, the auth zone probes did not consult the
> config.  They had 16 bit random numbers, good for security, but not
> config.  So, made patch.  This patch is also more capable in case of a
> lot of traffic and interfaces fully in use, it'll failover to another
> unused part of another interface.
> Fix in code repository, (bigger patch), but also reproduced below.

thanks a lot! I'm now running with this patch applied and
I removed the outgoing-port-* lines from the config so it uses all >1024 ports:


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