stub/forward-no-cache: patch

Harry Schmalzbauer list.unbound at
Fri Aug 3 07:40:07 UTC 2018

Am 03.08.2018 um 00:21 schrieb Bjoern A. Zeeb via Unbound-users:
> Hi,
> sometimes people run unbound as local resolver for a larger network, 
> yet want more immediate changes for their own (internal) zone(s) 
> (ignoring TTL) being visible trying to use stub/forward for this.   
> The easiest way to accomplish this is to prevent answers from going 
> into the cache or using the cache to answer for those zones.
> I’ve hacked up (with very limited testing) a patch to add a 
> stub-no-cache: <yes/no> and a forward-no-cache: <yes/no>.
> If this is something more people than the ones I know are interested 
> in, let me know,  and I can add the man page bits if needed (and 
> submit it to bugzilla for proper tracking if you prefer).

Hello Bjoern,

thanks a lot.
You described my main unbound usage.
Most scenarios where I need to avoid obsolete RRs are perfecltly covered 
with auth-zones:.
For the stub'n'forward zones I limited max TTL as far as I remember.
But I remember I wanted a stub-no-cache: once.  Can't remember the 
detailts, but I'm happy to know it's there now.
A short man page record would be nice, I wil have forgotten about it 
possibly already next time I'll touch any unbound.conf.

Are you aware of any stub-no-chache: advantage over auth-zone: in the 
mentioned usage scenario?
I mean if there is small zone data (<10k RRs), mid-latency links (<50ms) 
and isolated/secure transfer channels available?



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