DNAME causing problems

Marco Davids (SIDN) marco.davids at sidn.nl
Wed Apr 18 11:31:03 UTC 2018


I'm running Unound 1.7.0 with all the fancy features enabled (qname 
minimisation, aggressive NSEC caching, the lot).

When I start with an empty cache, this DNAME domain causes a SERVFAIL:

dig A _sidn._dnssec-valcheck-20180418.z-347054971.bergzand.nl

(same for slxh.nl)

Second attempt gives the expected NXDOMAIN.

Anyone any clue of what is happening here?

Appears qname minimisation related, because unbound-host also results in 
a bogus with that option enabled.

[1524050954] libunbound[16982:0] info: validate(cname): sec_status_secure
Host _sidn._dnssec-valcheck-20180418.z-347054971.bergzand.nl not found: 
3(NXDOMAIN). (BOGUS (security failure))
validation failure 
<_sidn._dnssec-valcheck-20180418.z-347054971.bergzand.nl. A IN>: misc 


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