minimal-responses ?

Jaap Akkerhuis jaap at
Mon Apr 2 21:34:24 UTC 2018

 "Ronald F. Guilmette via Unbound-users" writes:

 > I needed a new resolver for some research I'm doing, and I had just
 > read recently about the various advantages of unbound, so I just
 > did my first ever install of the pre-built Unbound 1.6.8 package
 > on my FreeBSD system.

Note that the pre-built unbound in the base system is likely not
what you want. To quote The FreeBSD handbook, Section 28.7.2:

	Unbound is provided in the FreeBSD base system. By default,
	it will provide DNS resolution to the local machine only.
	While the base system package can be configured to provide
	resolution services beyond the local machine, it is recommended
	that such requirements be addressed by installing Unbound
	from the FreeBSD Ports Collection.


FYI The ports has unbound 1.7.0


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