unbound-host.exe not accept -C option now

Newell Zhu zlx.star at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 13:21:43 UTC 2017


I find unbound-host.exe cannot accept -C option for Windows 7.

When run .\unbound-host.exe -dv www.taobao.com -C .\service.conf, it give output:

Usage:  unbound-host [-vdhr46] [-c class] [-t type] hostname
                     [-y key] [-f keyfile] [-F namedkeyfile]
                     [-C configfile]
  Queries the DNS for information.
  The hostname is looked up for IP4, IP6 and mail.
  If an ip-address is given a reverse lookup is done.
  Use the -v option to see DNSSEC security information.
    -t type             what type to look for.
    -c class            what class to look for, if not class IN.
    -y 'keystring'      specify trust anchor, DS or DNSKEY, like
                        -y 'example.com DS 31560 5 1 1CFED8478...'
    -D                  DNSSEC enable with default root anchor
                        from C:\Program Files\Unbound\root.key
    -f keyfile          read trust anchors from file, with lines as -y.
    -F keyfile          read named.conf-style trust anchors.
    -C config           use the specified unbound.conf (none read by default)
    -r                  read forwarder information from /etc/resolv.conf
                        breaks validation if the forwarder does not do DNSSEC.
    -v                  be more verbose, shows nodata and security.
    -d                  debug, traces the action, -d -d shows more.
    -4                  use ipv4 network, avoid ipv6.
    -6                  use ipv6 network, avoid ipv4.
    -h                  show this usage help.
Version 1.6.6
BSD licensed, see LICENSE in source package for details.
Report bugs to unbound-bugs at nlnetlabs.nl <mailto:unbound-bugs at nlnetlabs.nl>

The installed unbound download from http://unbound.nlnetlabs.nl/downloads/unbound_setup_1.6.6.exe <http://unbound.nlnetlabs.nl/downloads/unbound_setup_1.6.6.exe> and I confirmed service.conf exists under the same folder.

To help location the problem, I install unbound 1.5.8 but it give the same output. Besides, I try the unbound-host on ubuntu and it’s work. 

I search Google with “unbound-host cannot accept -C option”, “unbound-host in windows”, but there are nothing helpful information.

So does the unbound-host not accept -C option on windows Or I have make some mistake?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. 


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