Unbound 1.6.6 release

A. Schulze sca at andreasschulze.de
Wed Sep 20 08:36:40 UTC 2017

W.C.A. Wijngaards via Unbound-users:

> Unbound 1.6.6 is available:

> Bug Fixes:
> - Redirect all localhost names to localhost address for RFC6761.


I've a setup that monitor a running resolver on regular base.
To avoid the log is fooded with queries for "localhost" I found it  
meaningful to monitor a more 'speaking' label:
I monitor "monitoring_app_test_if_unbound_is_alive.localhost." and  
expect a A Record
For that I've in unbound.conf:

     local-data: 'monitoring_app_test_if_unbound_is_alive.localhost. A'
     local-data: 'monitoring_app_test_if_unbound_is_alive.localhost.  
TXT "some description"

After upgrading to 1.6.6 I now get errors
   [1505895425] unbound-checkconf[2825:0] error: local-data in  
redirect zone must reside at top of zone, not at  
monitoring_app_test_if_unbound_is_alive.localhost. A
   [1505895425] unbound-checkconf[2825:0] fatal error: failed  
local-zone, local-data configuration

OK, I now could remove the "local-data: A Record" at all. But I like  
to understand the feature a little more.
Could anyone explain the error message a bit more verbose?


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