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Mon Sep 18 14:38:33 UTC 2017

Hi Ernie,

You did add them in local-zone type 'static', right?  Some of the other
types can ask the internet for data.  If that is not it, I don't know
what's going on.

Best regards, Wouter

On 18/09/17 15:02, Ernie Luzar via Unbound-users wrote:
> I have noticed something that doesn't seem right.
> I added 1150 local-zones to unbound.
> From any LAN device browser trying to go to any of the those fqdn gets
> "can't reach this page" message just like its suppose to.
> Then I ran a script that reads that 1150 fqdn file doing the host
> command. Again all those host name get nxdomain just like its suppose to.
> But here is what don't seem right. Watching the modem connected to the
> public internet I see the rapid blinking of the send/receive lights for
> the duration the script is running. This happens ever time I run the
> script.
> It's my understanding that any dns request for any fqdn in unbound's
> local-zone list is serviced by unbound without going to the public
> internet. IE; I should not see the modem send/receive lights blinking
> like mad.
> Any ideas on why I am seeing this behaviors?

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