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Luiz Fernando Softov fernando at
Mon Jan 30 17:21:13 UTC 2017

Hi there,

I create a fork from github of unbound, and made my changes to include a
Shared Memory like I said before in another mail.

I put my changes here.

This make 2 SHM instances and when there is a timer to stats-interval, this
will full fill the memory.

So others daemons are able to read those stats really fast.

I have a daemons, reading this stats each second.

Now I will make a release of this changes for my clientes.

I have ~2300 clients running my SO, called FreeBRS.
For those clients, the average of requests are between 50 and 1500 per
I can get 80% of HIT.

I all clientes, the CPU consume is 0%, while using my own daemon (who use
ssl in a tcp connection, like unbound-control) the CPU increase ~3% in my
daemon and ~2,5% in unbound.

This is the right way to grab this info.
But, there is more to do about this.
1 - setting variables in conf (I don't know how)
2 - reset shared memory - zerofill values
3 - A header file.h to be referenced in the binary who is reading this info

What I can do to make a pull request?
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