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It is not entirely clear from your question, so it may be that your question applies to NSD vs BIND rather than Unbound vs BIND. Note where BIND is a combined recursive server and authoritative server, Unbound is a standalone recursive server, and NSD is a standalone authoritative server.

If your hosting provider is handling the authoritative DNS, then you can use Unbound and python plug-ins to modify the records. You may find a reasonable starting point under "examples" here: http://unbound.net/documentation/pythonmod/index.html. Maybe do something similar to blacklist record manipulation and instead strip excess records.

On 08/06/2017 11:57 AM, Avi Harari via Unbound-users wrote:
Can anyone assist?
Thanks in advance!

2017-08-03 16:25 GMT-04:00 Avi Harari <harariboy at gmail.com<mailto:harariboy at gmail.com>>:

Dear List,

I'm currently using bind and I have a unique scenario.
I have A records with multiple IPs (e.g xyz.mydomain.com<http://xyz.mydomain.com> has 200 different IPs).
Recently some users encountered an issue while trying to resolve these records, apparently due to the record size.
I was wondering if with Unbound I can control the response size and limit it (so that for example when a user is resolving xyz.mydomain.com<http://xyz.mydomain.com> he will only receive one or several records as per the round robin load balancing).
Looking forward for your insights.


אבי הררי

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