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Mon Apr 24 09:07:22 UTC 2017

Hi Andreas,

On 20/04/17 14:38, A. Schulze via Unbound-users wrote:
> Hello,
> unbound-checkconf /path/to/unbound.con -o [option] should echo the option value.
> That happen for all options valid in "server:" section as well as in "control:" section.
> But if I check for "dnstap-enable" (or "dnscrypt-enable") unbound-checkconf fail.
> ... fatal error: cannot print option 'dnstap-enable'
> dnstap is compiled in and do work as expected. But I can't query the state using unbound-checkconf.
> (tested with 1.6.2rc1)

Thanks for the bugreport, I've added coded for the dnstap and dnscrypt
variables, for unbound-checkconf and unbound-control.  The fix is not
for 1.6.2 because it is in release, but for 1.6.3 (you can get it from
the code repository).

Best regards, Wouter

> Andreas

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