Unbound + NSD management

Thomas Smith (Subscriptions) anon6498 at icloud.com
Fri Apr 14 07:28:26 UTC 2017

I’ve setup a series of single servers that handle both caching DNS (Unbound) and authoritative DNS (NSD). Everything is working great but I’m now looking to make some management tasks more efficient.

Currently, my understanding is that I must add each zone to NSD as a master or slave zone and must also add an additional stub zone to Unbound. (Unbound listens on em0 and ::1 while NSD listens on ::1 at 54.)

My question is: Is there a way to refine this process?

I’d like to be able to minimize data entry and configuration with each zone addition or removal. I know I could possibly use configuration management tools, but I’m curious if there are facilities built-in to Unbound and NSD for this—if not, suggestions for external tools would also be appreciated.

~ Tom
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