Unbound exiting on stats write failure?

Havard Eidnes he at uninett.no
Tue Sep 20 07:47:06 UTC 2016


one of our unbound hosts recently exited, and before it did, it
logged this:

  Sep 19 14:25:56 xxxxxxx unbound: [96:4] error: tube msg write failed: Resource temporarily unavailable
  Sep 19 14:25:56 xxxxxxx unbound: [96:4] fatal error: could not write stat values over cmd channel

Now, we're periodically polling stats via "unbound-control stats" and
feeding this into collectd, and our collectd hasn't exactly been fully
stable.  However, is there a good reason the failure to write the
stats values is considered a fatal error?  One would have thought that
it would not be, and that abandoning the output channel would be a
rasonable error recovery mechanism, allowing the main task of unbound
to proceed uninterrupted?


- Håvard

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