Double quotes being added to return answers

Brad Bendy brad.bendy at
Tue Sep 6 17:33:49 UTC 2016


We have the Python module setup to do lookups and return answers,
looks like everything is working except on a TXT record, unbound is
double quoting each group of text and this not a valid SPF entry for

"v=spf1" "" "" "~all"
instead of just one set of quotes around the entire string.

That's what im getting returned, on the python/unbound side we have a
simple msg.answer.append setup:

msg = DNSMessage(qstate.qinfo.qname_str, RR_TYPE_TXT, RR_CLASS_IN,

msg.answer.append("%s %d IN TXT %s" %

The txt['content'] source has no double quotes. I have tried enclosing
it in double quotes as well, same behavior. Python does not appear to
be adding the quotes, it's something on the unbound side from what i
can tell.

I did some searching and I can't find anyone else who has seen this
issue, so not sure what else to try.

Any pointers would be great.


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