Incomplete prototype

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Sat Sep 3 15:33:34 UTC 2016

The prototype for ub_event_get_version() in util/ub_event.h is missing
an argument list.  C11 allows function definitions to have empty
argument lists but not prototypes.  Patch relative to tip of svn tree:

Index: util/ub_event.h
--- util/ub_event.h	(revision 3846)
+++ util/ub_event.h	(working copy)
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@
  * daemon compile, and will be "pluggable-event<PACKAGE_VERSION>" for 
  * libunbound.
-const char* ub_event_get_version();
+const char* ub_event_get_version(void);
 /** Return the name, system and method for the pluggable event base */
 void ub_get_event_sys(struct ub_event_base*, const char** n, const char** s,
 	const char** m);

The definitions in util/ub_event.c and util/ub_event_pluggable.c don't
have argument lists, which is perfectly fine from the standard's point
of view, although I would have provided one as a matter of principle.

Full list of function definitions with empty argument lists in Unbound:

daemon/unbound.c		static void usage()
dns64/dns64.c			dns64_get_funcblock()
smallapp/unbound-anchor.c	usage()
smallapp/unbound-checkconf.c	usage()
smallapp/unbound-control.c	usage()
smallapp/unbound-host.c		usage()
testcode/lock_verify.c		usage()
testcode/memstats.c		usage()
testcode/petal.c		usage()
testcode/signit.c		usage()
testcode/testbound.c		testbound_usage()
testcode/testpkts.c		static struct entry* new_entry()
util/storage/lookup3.c		void driver1()
util/storage/lookup3.c		void driver2()
util/storage/lookup3.c		void driver3()
util/storage/lookup3.c		int main()
util/ub_event.c			const char* ub_event_get_version()
util/ub_event_pluggable.c	const char* ub_event_get_version()
winrc/win_svc.c			set_cron_timer()

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