Resolve dependent on source IP of request?

Leo Krüger leo at
Sun Oct 2 23:28:25 UTC 2016

Hi everybody,

we have a use-case where it is necessary that requests from several IP
networks are handled differently. Depending on the network the
requesting IP is from, requests for a specific zone should be answered

I already had a look at the config options local-data, local-zone,
local-zone-tag, access-control-tag, access-control-tag-action and

For the last three it seems as if it is not possible to set redirect
data for a specific zone, but only for all queries. For the first three
it does not seem to be possible to define one zone with different
content depending on the tag.

Is it even possible to configure unbound in the way needed for our use-case?

I would really appreciate your help!
Kind regards,

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