Why are unbound-control local_zone_remove/local_zone/local_data so incredibly slow ?

Over Dexia over at dexia.de
Wed Nov 30 15:59:34 UTC 2016

Am 30.11.2016 um 15:25 schrieb Tim Smith via Unbound-users:
> Hi Ralph,
> Hmm... bad news ...have just looked into it and  OpenBSD default config is :
> remote-control:
>         control-enable: yes
>         control-use-cert: no
>         control-interface: /var/run/unbound.sock
> So guess I'll have to live with it until the next version.....

Or you go back to the reload and do a dump_cache before and a
load_cache after that...
Yeah, I know, it's not entirely clean (after all, there might have been
redirects loaded which are also present in the cache. Should be alright
after the cache data times out, though.)

regards, j.

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