Setup client to remote control another Unbound server

Unbound DNS Resolver unbound at
Mon May 30 22:58:45 UTC 2016

P.S. I tried completely disabling the firewall and I still get:

[1464648999] unbound-control[78400:0] error: connect: Connection refused 
for <backend IP>

On Mon, 30 May 2016, Unbound DNS Resolver via Unbound-users wrote:

> Thank you. I got the key exchanges working ok.
> I can run actual DNS queries from the machine that is running unbound 
> when I specify my resolver to query localhost, backend IP or the WAN IP.
> Similarly, on the other machine on my LAN, I can run DNS queries to the 
> unbound machine across the backend or by querying the WAN address.
> However unbound-control is only able to get status if I run it on the 
> WAN IP. But attempts at remote control on the backend IP fail on the 
> backend IP. I thought it was a firewall issue, but unbound-control fails 
> even locally when I query the backend IP, as well as from the remote 
> machine on the LAN. I had opened up port 8953 to all transports on all 
> interfaces.
> Is there a setting in unbound.conf *on* the machine that is running 
> unbound to specify what interface it should listen for remote control 
> connections?
> On Mon, 23 May 2016, W.C.A. Wijngaards via Unbound-users wrote:
>> Hi Fongaboo,
>> On 21/05/16 00:30, Fongaboo via Unbound-users wrote:
>>> I have (the stock*) Unbound running on FreeBSD 10. I have
>>> unbound-control setup on the Unbound server itself and am 
>>> successfully
>>> controlling via localhost.
>>> But I have another machine connected to the server via a backend
>>> connection on the 10.x.x.x private network. I want to run
>>> unbound-control on that machine and control the remote (albeit one
>>> backend hop away) server.
>>> I've been looking at docs and tutorials, and it's not clear what has 
>>> to
>>> be configured where for this scenario.
>>> I've run unbound-control on the remote client and it complains that I
>>> have no unbound.conf file. But is that file ONLY for the 
>>> configuration
>>> of a server? Would I need to have an unbound.conf file on the client
>>> machine?
>>> A couple things are not clear to me... Do I run unbound-control-setup 
>>> on
>>> the client machine? I assume I'd have to copy keys to the server? But 
>>> if
>>> so, how do I store them and refer to them without breaking my 
>>> localhost
>>> control for unbound-control on the server itself?
>>> I tried adding 'control-interface: <server backend IP>' to the
>>> remote-control section of unbound.conf on the server. I interpreted 
>>> this
>>> to be that it should listen for control connections on that 
>>> interface.
>>> But I got:
>>> [1463783089] unbound-control[83533:0] error: connect: Connection 
>>> refused
>>> for <server IP>
>>> I suppose I might have some firewall concerns. But before I go off on
>>> that tangent, I'd just like to get straight:
>>> 1) Do I run unbound-control on the client machine?
>> Yes with -c some_other_config_file that has the appropriate settings.
>>> 2) What should I have in unbound.conf on the client machine (if at 
>>> all)?
>> That some_other_config_file has a remote-control section.  The
>> control-interface there specifies the ip-address of the server machine
>> that it controls.  Then you need the cert and pem files, (but not the
>> private server key file).  Copy those files from the server machine to
>> some location on the client.  Set the pathnames correct for those 3
>> files (server cert, client pem, client cert).
>>> 3) What should I have in unbound.conf on the server?
>>> 4) What key exchanging and referencing (in config files) do I need to
>>> keep control with unbound-control going on both the remote client and
>>> localhost?
>> If you copy the files you can have any number of controlling clients.
>> (It is possible to sign a separate certificate for every controlling
>> client, i.e. this is PKIX cert stuff; but you can also just copy the
>> client cert that the localhost on the server was using).  If you want 
>> to
>> create more client certs; move away the client certs and re-run
>> unbound-control-setup; that will preserve the server cert and
>> re-generate a new client cert for you; creating a new one.
>> Best regards, Wouter
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