forward to dnsmasq not working

Spike spike at
Thu May 19 23:20:47 UTC 2016

Dear all,

I'm using unbound on ubuntu server 14.04 as a resolver for a local network.
We also have dnsmasq providing dhcp and I wanted to use it to resolve local
hostnames too. the local domain is "office".

Dnsmasq is configured with "domain=office" and unbound is configured as

private-domain: "office"
  name: "office"

this works. however now I wanted to add a subdomain, "upstairs" and have
hosts such as I was expecting the forward to still
work since upstairs is a subdomain of office, but I don't see any requests
being sent over. For kicks I tried to add a forward-zone for, but that also resulted in no queries being sent to
dnsmasq. *.office also did not work.

I also have a forward-zone "." that sends all queries to opendns and that
works just fine in combo with "office".

what am I missing?


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