message is bogus, non secure rrset with Unbound as local caching resolver

Olav Morken olav.morken at
Wed Mar 2 15:42:01 UTC 2016

On Wed, Mar 02, 2016 at 08:45:11 -0500, Casey Deccio wrote:
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> > sorry for the rather longwinded email. In the interest of saving some
> > time, here is a short summary:
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> >
> Hi Olav,
> Would mind trying the DNSViz command-line tool [1] against the resolvers to
> see if anything shows up?  After install, run:
> dnsviz probe -s x.x.x.x | dnsviz grok -plwarning
> dnsviz probe -s x.x.x.x | dnsviz graph -Thtml -O
> (substitute x.x.x.x for the BIND and unbound resolvers, in turn)
> I'm curious if anything shows up there.

Unfortunately, the BIND server only tends to return responses where the 
authority-section has NS-records but no RRSIG-record during the night. 
I suspect it has something to do with traffic levels and what other 
systems are accessing it. It makes it all a bit hard to troubleshoot. 
The main source of information for troubleshooting has been a 
combination of PCAP-files and log files.

I have grabbed a capture from the Unbound resolver that I have attached 
to this email. If I ever happen to catch the BIND resolver having this 
behavior, I'll try to catch the output from it as well, but I won't 
make any promises.

The output of `dnsviz -grok -plwarning` only contains:

> Analyzing
> Analyzing
> Analyzing
> Analyzing no
> Analyzing .
> Analyzing

The HTML output from the DNSViz on the Unbound server is available here:

(Changed from an attachment due to size restrictions on the list.)

Best regards,
Olav Morken

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