Strange Crash on iOS

Blair Mitchelmore blair.mitchelmore+unbound at
Fri Jul 29 18:21:31 UTC 2016

I’ve integrated libunbound in an iOS application, and we’ve been
experiencing a strange crash ever since. Basically, when we try to create
an unbound context (ub_ctx_create) it sometimes fails, but it fails inside
log_init before any actual unbound work has been done. From the stack
trace, I can see that log_init calls log_err which calls log_vmsg, which
calls log_err, and so on until things break down and the app crashes. Has
anybody run into something like this before? I’m not exactly sure how to
address this. I would disable logging, but it seems like you can only
disable logging (ub_ctx_debugout) once you have a context object.

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