python unbound issues

Spike Morelli (DRBA) spike at
Mon Feb 22 22:15:52 UTC 2016


I'm running ubuntu 14.04 with unbound 1.4.22 installed from packages. I'm
also using python-unbound package to get the python interface going.

2 issues I'm seeing:

1) unbound-checkconfig complains that the python module isn't there:

[1456179172] unbound-checkconf[5330:0] fatal error: module conf 'python
iterator' is not known to work

looking at the source code this seems to be due to WITH_PYTHONMODULE not
being set, but I'm not sure where that's not happening. any clue?

2) I'm using the script as from

and my response does not get cached. is that expected?
I've tried to force the cache using storeQueryInCache as shown here:

but I get an error (it just says python module error, no info why, but it
doesn't happen if I don't have that line so pretty sure that's the problem).

any help?

thanks in advance,

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