Fwd: infrastructure cache question

Rob Andrzejewski randrzejewski at constantcontact.com
Fri Aug 19 21:19:00 UTC 2016

Hello Unbound Users,

I'm new to Unbound and in the process of deploying to our high-volume
production environment.

In order to meet some performance requirements, I have configured:
infra-cache-numhosts: 5000000
infra-host-ttl: 3600

Prior to restarting the service, I issued a stats_noreset followed by
dump_infra command.
The statistics output just prior to the restart showed 1.9m for
However, the dump_infra output only contained 470k lines.  This was
true on 2 different servers with identical configurations.

Following the reload, I performed the same sequence of command at
around infra.cache.count 70k. The dump contained approximately the
same number of lines as the cache count.

The latter is what I had expected.  However, this was not the case the
first time.

Can someone tell me what the expected results should be?  Also, is
there a way to gets stats on size and count of the neg_cache ?


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