New forward zone records only on restart

John (Scott) Crooks scott.crooks at
Wed Apr 6 19:31:08 UTC 2016


I'm using Unbound as a recursing DNS server in our company office
infrastructure. Here is the link to my `unbound.conf` file:

The `forward-zone` entries point to two PowerDNS servers that are
authoritative for those domains listed in the configuration. Both PowerDNS
servers are using a typical MySQL backend, and they are in a Master-Slave

I notice that when I add new records to the authoritative servers, Unbound
does not successfully resolve these records UNTIL I restart the Unbound
daemon. In other words:

`dig @` <<-- Works since I'm
querying the authoritative server directly
`dig` <<-- Returns a SERVFAIL until I
restart the Unbound daemon

Is this typical behavior? What am I doing wrong?

Scott Crooks
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