unbound and systemd

Robert Edmonds edmonds at debian.org
Wed Oct 14 20:11:31 UTC 2015

Sami Kerola via Unbound-users wrote:
> The stuff I did to avoid pkg-config is not nice. Fixing that would
> require dependency that not all projects agree. What is your view
> to add pkg-config dep?


Using pkg-config is the documented way to detect the correct library to
link against for libsystemd, see:


It's trivial to only use pkg-config (via the PKG_CHECK_MODULES macro)
when systemd integration is requested via --enable-systemd, and to not
fail in the absence of the pkg-config binary when systemd support is not
requested.  And systemd only runs on Linux, where pkg-config is normal
and shared libraries are expected to ship .pc files.

The only downside is that the source for the PKG_CHECK_MODULES macro
(usually shipped in /usr/share/aclocal/pkg.m4 in the "pkgconfig" (.rpm)
or "pkg-config" (.deb) package) needs to be available on the machine
where autoreconf is run.  But ordinarily users don't run autoreconf
themselves, so this is not too onerous.

So IMHO just use pkg-config, it's nicer to write one line of autoconf
instead of 50 :-)

Robert Edmonds
edmonds at debian.org

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